New York, NY, 06 March, 2012 –EquiLend’s Trade Optimization service is seeing a significant increase in volumes. In the month of February it has more than doubled its transaction volume with a growth rate of 250%.

With increased participation in every region and in every asset class, the service can be used for GC, hot, specials and financing trades. In fact, over $35 billion notional has been traded via Trade Optimization since October 2011.

Brian Lamb, CEO at EquiLend, commented, “Trade Optimization allows traders to finance their long positions whilst simultaneously covering needed shorts at market clearing prices. These allow for central counterparty clearing via EquiLend messaging.”

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About Trade Optimization
Trade Optimization is a suite of services utilizing a matching algorithm to automate a bilaterally controlled pool of needs and inventory for cash and non-cash trades, maximizing the total trade value between all participants.  It also has the ability to field XML messages which allow clients to novate trades to the OCC. 

About EquiLend
EquiLend is a leading provider of trading services for the securities finance industry. With its robust suite of automated trading tools, EquiLend enables its clients to scale their businesses with great efficiency on a global basis in all securities finance markets.  Used by borrowers and lenders throughout the world, the EquiLend platform automates formerly manual trading and post-trade processes. Using EquiLend's complete end-to-end services reduces the risk of potential errors and eliminates the need to maintain costly point-to-point connections while allowing firms to drive down unit costs. Firms can then free more resources to expand their business and grow trading volumes without increasing costs. This makes the EquiLend platform a cost-effective choice for all institutions, regardless of their size.




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