Introducing DataLend’s New Macro Analyzer Charting Tool for the Data Dashboard Screen

This easy-to-use charting tool will appear front and center on your Data Dashboard screen starting Monday, November 16. This new chart will allow you to see both trending data and market averages over the course of a year across any combination of region, country, asset class, sector, industry, trade type or collateral type.

The Macro Analyzer allows you to select your filter criteria from a menu on the left hand side screen, then select one of the following trending charts at the top of the widget:

-Volume-Weighted Average Fee All
-Utilization %
-On-Loan Value
-Lendable Value
-Collateral Breakdown
-Open Versus Term On-Loan Value
-Fee Bands as a Percentage of Total On Loan, indicating the relative hotness of a market

The chart will dynamically update as you select and refine the filter criteria. You will also be able to quickly benchmark your fee or utilization metrics by the filter criteria you’ve selected, allowing you to view your firm’s performance in almost any region, sector or asset class over the year.

At the top of the screen the system will dynamically calculate the industry’s and your firm’s average on-loan value, lendable value, fee and utilization metrics over the reporting period so you’re able to see periods of under- or over-performance against the industry via the trending view, along with your overall averages.

Users can change their timeframe to any period within the last 12 months via a date picker in the top left hand corner of the screen. You’ll also be able to download the Macro Analyzer charts as screenshots or data points in a .CSV file.

Other DataLend enhancements now live include: